Director of Technology

" If school leaders aren't facilitating appropriate training, time, funding, support or policy for technology initiatives, they probably aren't for most other, non-technology initiatives either. "

-Dr. Scott McLeod

Thank you for your attention to this page. The focus of the page is to introduce you to the work I am capable of as a Chief Technology Officer (a.k.a. Director of Technology) responsible for instructional and infrastructure efforts.

Key Artifacts to Review

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Testimonials from Supervisors & Colleagues

"It is my distinct pleasure to provide this letter of recommendation for Juan Miguel Guhlin, who is applying for a position in your organization. Mr. Guhlin has served as the Director of Technology Operations for the East Central ISD since April, 2012.

In this capacity, I have had the opportunity to observe first-hand his supervision of his Department budget of approximately $602,000, as well as worked with him on the use of approximately $1 million to fund network and infrastructure equipment. He also has made recommendations impacting the replacement of obsolete equipment in the District. Almost all of his recommendations impact infrastructure and computer replacements district-wide.

Mr. Guhlin values customer service and to that end, developed a multi-year equipment replacement plan under my supervision. Under his leadership and vision, the District has successfully implemented wide variety of technology initiatives that have positively impacted both campuses and the school district as a whole.

from Jim Selby, Assistant Superintendent (retired), East Central ISD

Past Supervisor

Jim Selby, Assistant Superintendent

Dr. Kay Abernathy (retired), Professor

"Miguel leads the state in knowledge, leadership skills, and innovation in the educational technology field. We have worked together in leadership positions within the Texas Computer Education Association, consulting together with the Texas Association for School Administrators, and collaborating online on leadership issues related to our schools and districts.

Personally and professionally, I recommend Miguel as Chief Technology Officer."

Dr. Kay Abernathy (retired), Professor, Lamar University

"Mr. Guhlin is a champion for change. He consistently brings forward new ideas and initiatives to meet the everchanging needs of our students. I depend heavily on Mr. Guhlin as a critical part of our leadership team. His influence on our planning and decision-making is critical to the success of implementing technology in the classroom. [He] is. . .very passionate about his role and takes his responsibilities very seriously."

Patricia Holub, Executive Director of Technology, Boerne ISD (formerly San Antonio ISD)

Past Supervisor

Patricia Holub, Executive Director

Mark Gabehart, Chief Technology Officer

"Miguel Guhlin has served with distinction in implementing the massive Pathways to Advance Virtual Education (PAVE) grant...Miguel has implemented from scratch a $2.7 million instructional initiative that impacts four school districts and a number of private schools. The PAVE grant has required constant monitoring of school/organizational culture. Miguel, through effective communication channels ( Web FAQs, emails, Web Board), has been able to address most stakeholders issues before they become a major problem.

While many staff are appreciative of the free tuition, textbooks, laptop and stipends, they have been even more pleased with the way Miguel has handled all issues, both big and small. He has also developed bids for textbooks, specifications for the laptops, coordinated the use of training labs at multiple locations, negotiated contracts with nationally known consultants, and has worked closely with all districts to understand what they can and cannot to with their grant funds.

He is truly one of the most gifted, talented, and passionate advocates for technology I have ever met."

Mark Gabehart, Chief Technology Officer, Round Rock ISD (formerly Northside ISD)

Past Supervisor