"The master has failed more times than the beginner has tried."

-Stephen McCrainie

Image: Miguel Guhlin w/ session participant at TCEA 2019 Convention session, Google Hacks for Educators

The term "edtech" includes educational technology, the enhancement of instructional efforts for K-12 and adult learners for their improvement. In this space, you will find a sample of the work I've engaged in over the years.

Feedback from Participant:

"Thanks for being hands on and showing us what to do. And your list of resources are AMAZING. Thanks for sharing and saying we can use them in our own presentations!"

multi-day academies and professional learning

Please find in this section, several multi-day academies and professional learning opportunities. For example, the ISTE Educator Certification begins with a two-day academy then continues online. The PBL Academy began as a 4-day academy, whittled down to two days.

You can find out more about my approach to professional development and learning using the embedded Wakelet to the right.

ISTE Educator Certification


In this 2-day academy with online course component, I support educators who seek to earn the ISTE Educator Certification. The international certification, valid for three years, is sought after in the edtech community.

As the first Texan to obtain the ISTE Educator Certification, as well as the first Panamanian given my dual citizenship, I am proud to scaffold learning opportunities for others.

My Role

As one of the key developers of the Texas version, TCEA flavor of the ISTE Certification, I assisted in the redesign of the course to meet the needs of Texas educators. Since that time, I have traveled to Arkansas, Washington state and various locales in Texas. I also developed the ISTE Educator Certification Facebook Group for TCEA.

Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Academy

"Students in his [Miguel's] training sessions invariably left with a strong sense of accomplishment and pride. Not only did his preparation contribute to this circumstance, but his deep knowledge of adult learners and the learning process.

Because instructional technology is less about technology than instruction, Miguel provides a strong basis for bringing technology to the service of teaching and learning. "

-James E. McNamara (ret), Director of Instructional Technology


The Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Academy facilitates the introduction of PBL approaches for K-12 and adult learners. This is the Academy I developed for the TCEA Academy series for Dr. Barbara Brown, Executive Director of Technology for Lewisville ISD. I deployed a modified version for the San Antonio ISD and have used this various times with other groups.

My Role

Over the years, I've continued to enhance and refine the resources available, and published various, widely-read blog entries on the subject of PBL.

Pathways to Advance Virtual Education (PAVE)



The primary goal of the Pathways to Advance Virtual Education (PAVE) collaborative was to provide educators proficiency in technology skills and the integration of technology into the curriculum to create union among content, connectivity, and computers that, in turn, will improve student performance. PAVE provided educators with distributed and “just in time” professional development and leadership training on the integration of the Technology Applications TEKS into teaching and learning.

My Role

As the PAVE Staff Development Coordinator (later Director), I played a key role in facilitating and ensuring the success of the PAVE implementation. I'm happy to report that it was a wild success that endured for a year and a half. Don't take my word for it, just read the evaluation reports.

"I want you to know from both a teacher (MOL) and administrator (ATLI) perspective the PAVE grant has been a huge success. This is just one example. Miguel needs to be credited for putting together and keeping together this monumental effort that incorporates several districts and multiple types of personalities."

-Mark Gabehart, Executive Director of Technology, Round Rock ISD

TIFTECH Training


The Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund (TIF) Tech Training was put together as a requirement for school districts. As a TIFTECH trainer, I was able to provide professional learning in a wide variety of areas. These included the three top areas of TIFTech: Leadership and Accountability; Instructional Technology and Infrastructure.

My Role

As a lead TIFTech Trainer, I provide professional learning in Leadership and Instructional Technology areas. I assisted in the Infrastructure component.


Conference Presentations

Miguel Guhlin has often been a keynote, featured speaker for various conventions and conferences in Texas, New Zealand, Michigan, and a few other locales. You can find a selection of presentation websites he has prepared below. Due to quantity, only a few are shown below.

Since the TCEA.org is a Texas organization, Miguel Guhlin has presented at TCEA Annual State Conventions for over twenty years. His first presentation was on The Texas Education Network (TENET) to a packed room of educators. He has facilitated multiple workshop sessions on a variety of topics. Here are some of the websites he has used.

"I can freely say that Miguel is incredibly well-prepared, from an educational and practical standpoint, to discharge the duties of the position and take instructional technology...to the “next level.” He is equally expert in the design of instructional technology systems, in the administration of such systems, and in administering and delivering the professional development necessary for teachers and administrators to effectively use such systems. "

-Dr. David Thompson, University of Texas at San Antonio

The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) provides support to Chief Technology Officers via annual Texas CTO Clinics. You can see some of the presentation resources I have facilitated below.

Workshops and webinars

As a Google Certified Innovator (2010), Trainer, Administrator (as well as Educator Level 1 & 2), Miguel Guhlin has spent a significant amount of time working on G Suite EDU. You can see a complete list of creations for a wide variety of regional, state, and national events at the link below. You will also find several years worth of blog entries. You'll find tons of curriculum-centric, learner focused resources modeling a wide array of approaches.

Familiar with Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Program? Miguel Guhlin has been an MIE Fellow, MIE Certified Master Trainer, MIE Expert and Community Member. He had the opportunity to represent Texas in Singapore, one of five hundred educators chosen.

As an advocate of PBL, Miguel Guhlin has developed a variety of technology-enriched PBL projects. Below are a few of those efforts for your review.

Capturing Success