Budgets & RFPs

Managing and developing budgets is Miguel Guhlin's area of strength. Throughout the years, he has successfully employed budgets to create impactful programs. This has resulted in introducing and managing a variety of programs for the school districts he has served.

Below, please find two budget examples (of the several available) as well as Requests for Proposals (RFPs) Mr. Guhlin has crafted.

East Central ISD

From April, 2012 to March, 2016, Miguel Guhlin managed, and re-allocated funding for the East Central ISD's Technology budget. The chart shown below highlights the growth in infrastructure budget to address key initiatives Mr. Guhlin brought to the table to improve on the 62% obsolescence rate, lack of WiFi in every classroom in support of BYOT, and other key initiatives.

Learn more about goals, equipment replacement plans online in the ECTO Knowledge Management Center. You may also want to read the Assistant Superintendent James Selby's letter of recommendation, which highlights key initiatives such as Mobile Device Management (MDM), the purchase of district-wide projects such as iPads and Chromebooks, selection of an inventory management solution and more. You may also want to read Meredith Rokas' (Federal Programs) recommendation.

San Antonio ISD

From June, 2002 until April, 2012, Miguel Guhlin managed the SAISD Instructional Technology budget. Although a digital copy of the budget is not available, this budget was approximately $164,000. That funding was employed to launch several initiatives, including the following (but not limited to):

    • Technology Integration Lead Teacher (TILT) Program (external link) - This program enjoyed nine cohorts of participants, each receiving a laptop and essential software. SAISD’s Long Range Plan for Technology–aligned to State and National Standards–proposes a Technology Integration Lead Teacher (TILT) Program. The TILT Program enables teachers to learn how technology can transform teaching and learning.
    • Moodle Course Management System - This involved purchasing a high-end server to internally host and serve a digital course management system to support Technology Applications:TEKS classes at the eighth grade level and the Career & Technology Education (CATE) program.

Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

Please find a few examples of RFPs (not a complete list) that I have led the effort in crafting. The names of the school districts have been removed or changed to a fake name ("Ardent ISD")

Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

RFP Scoring Guides, Cost Estimates