“Want to achieve excellence? Consider every detail, straighten the crooked.

Do so until excellence is all that remains.”

― Nesta Jojoe Erskine (paraphrased)

This page lists notable achievements and accomplishments at the various locations I have worked. Items are pulled from Appraisals and/or Letters of recommendation.

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"Miguel came to TCEA as a creative, self-starting and experienced learning professional. Miguel has facilitated direction and oversight of actions to support the organization's certification programs, which include the IT/Director Certification, the Campus Technology Certification, and the Chromebook and iPad Certifications.

He has played a key role in designing online instructional modules so that the organization is able to build capacity to support educational technology initiatives around the state of Texas. I have nothing but praise for his deep knowledge of technology, his communication skills, and his work ethic. He possesses very strong organizational skills, and frequently manages multiple projects at once. "

-Ms. Diana Benner, Director of Professional Development,

Year Six (2021-2022)

  • Redeveloped Google Educator Level 1, Level 2 courses

  • Crafted multiple workshops featuring evidence-based strategies

  • Wrote over seventy blog entries, several of which achieve top blog post or top ten

  • Prepared a mobile app focused on Coaching, High-Effect Size Strategies, and Digital Tools

Year Five (2020-2021)

  • Lead developer for multiple online courses, including Schoology Educator, Chromebook Educator, Google Educator Level 1, Level 2, Classroom, and Certified Trainer. This involved creating course structure and video tutorials (over 20) for each. Over 11,841 people have registered for the courses as of 12/30/2020 impacting multiple districts, non-profit organizations.

  • Developed Strategies That Work online four course, online series focused on showcasing John Hattie's Visible Learning.

  • Wrote over 500 blog posts, altogether from 2016-2021, and 100 blog entries in this year alone.

Year Four (2019-2020)

Year Three (2018-2019)

  • Revised and facilitated multiple courses for the IT/Director Certification

  • Earned certification as ISTE Educator (first in Texas and the Republic of Panama)

  • Facilitated ISTE Educator Certification in Arkansas, New Mexico, Washington, and Texas

  • Published over 300 blog entries in TCEA's TechNotes blog and multiple articles in it's print magazine

  • Keynoted at Houston Baptist University ("Making Fire: Kindling STEM Learning in Your Classroom")

  • Published article on STEM in USA Today

  • Published article for publication in TASA's magazine

  • Facilitated nineteen webinars for TCEA members

  • Setup TCEA podcasts

Year Two (2017-2018)

  • Selected as MIE Certified Master Trainer

  • Sent to Singapore for the Microsoft E2 Conference (only 500 people accepted to attend)

  • Became certified as an ISTE Educator Certification CAP Trainer

  • Developed New Teacher Resources website

  • Conducted a Technology Audit of a Texas school district

  • TCEA TechNotes blog and Around the Corner blog selected as 2018 EdTech Magazine K-12 Must-Read Blogs

  • Facilitated twenty-seven webinars for TCEA members

Year One (2016-2017)

  • Selected as a 2017 Microsoft Surface Expert

  • Selected as 2017 MIE Expert

  • Selected as 2017 MIE Fellow

  • TCEA TechNotes blog and Around the Corner blog selected as 2017 EdTech Magazine K-12 Must-Read Blogs

  • Featured in the August 2017 Microsoft Newsletter

  • Facilitated twenty webinars for TCEA members

"Thankful for Miguel Guhlin and all that he does to make TCEA great for all of us!

His sessions are outstanding!"

-Dr. Barbara Brown, Senior Director of Technology, Prestonwood Christian Academy

East Central ISD - Director of Technology

"Miguel's organizational skills have enabled him to develop a multi-year equipment replacement plan, manage multiple budgets to put the ECISD on more steady footing as an organization that relies on technology day in and day out to get things done. Miguel is prompt in providing support, values high touch customer service and is committed to solving problems...under his leadership and vision, the District has successfully implemented [a] wide variety of technology initiatives that have positively impacted both campuses and the school district as a whole."

-Ms. Meredith Rokas, Federal Programs Director


  1. Implementation of the District’s first mobile device management (MDM) solution for all the iPads in the District.

  2. Development and implementation of a disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

  3. Deployment of an account management solution in support and proposal for a data warehouse and data specialist position to facilitate sharing of district data with vendor partners.

  4. Helping the District understand the need for a comprehensive upgrade to network infrastructure and critical data servers which house 95% of essential District data. This also included facilitating the team responsible for deploying over $1 million in eRate purchases to upgrade aging network infrastructure to be completed in 2016.

  5. Planning and deployment of a VMware server with storage area network (SAN), safeguarding 100% of critical business and instructional data that was previously stored on obsolete equipment--approximately 40+ obsolete servers-- ranging from 6-12 years of age.

  6. Alignment of all campus and district department technology purchases (approximately $3 million in 3.5 years) to District goals and objectives.

  7. Creation of a data warehouse and a full time position to support single sign on (SSO) and account management, solving a longstanding problem in the District for Curriculum & Instruction.

  8. Initiating the purchase and implementation of a new Network Operations Center Building, over $1 million in eRate purchases to upgrade aging network infrastructure, completed February, 2016.

  9. Alignment of all classroom technology purchases (approximately $3 million in 3.5 years) to Campus Improvement Plans (CIP) under a new Learning with Technology initiative.

  10. Developing and implementing a plan to replace obsolete equipment in campus computer labs and classrooms, ensuring a consistent assessment experience for students that minimizes technical obstacles.

  11. Successful eRate applications and Purchase of Internet Service Provider (ISP) services and equipment. Note: The District later underwent a successful eRate audit for the work accomplished under my leadership and direction.


  1. Deployment of online professional learning courses for faculty, staff and the East Central ISD community using eLearning platforms like Moodle, Edmodo, and GoogleApps for Education on topics like Bloodborne Pathogens, Digital Citizenship, and Safeguarding Sensitive Data & Privacy.

  2. Created the District's first STEAM Academy for Middle School students, as well as Minecraft for Education Camp. Hosted the District's first VEX Robotics Regional Competition, and introduce VEX in the District.

  3. Created the District's first online compliance professional learning center using free, open source software, Moodle for the following areas and/or in support of:

    1. STAAR eCourses for Confidentiality & Security, Basic Transcribing

    2. Hornet411 Parent Online Professional Learning opportunities

    3. MS Office Suite online professional learning

  4. Crafted the District's ePlan in collaboration with various stakeholders and submitting it for approval.

  5. Planned and implemented the Tech4Hornets Program to redirect obsolete equipment to state law qualifying students in the District.

  6. Blended technology (e.g. iPads, Chromebooks) into classroom lessons

  7. Standardized district computer labs at each campus to ensure TEA-mandated assessment and interventions will be successful.

  8. Setup a flexible equipment deployment plan that aligns new purchases of classroom equipment to Campus Improvement Plans (CIPs).

"Mr. Guhlin has spent countless hours training and providing his expertise to ensure students, faculty and staff become 21st century learners. His attention to detail, patience and thorough delivery make him an outstanding presenter and role model."

-Ms. Cynthia M. Rodriguez, Master Teacher

San Antonio ISD - Director of Instructional Tech.

"His superior organizational skills make him the expert multi-tasker. In addition to his responsibilities as Director of IT, Miguel is also sought after to present at regional and statewide educational technology conferences. He also maintains the District ‘EdTech’ blog as well as his personal blog ‘Around the Corner - M. Guhlin.’

There are many proficient and dedicated leaders in the field of education. There are also leaders in the field of education that truly understand the role of technology in the classroom. Mr. Guhlin is someone who truly understands."

-Ms. Deborah Guardia, Principal


  1. Setup the District's first Electronic Gradebook and Attendance Tracking System

  2. Put into place the District's first Professional Development Tracker to assist educators in tracking all their technology professional development

  3. Planning and implementing the District's first learning management system

  4. Setup and management of the self-hosted server(s) to support professional learning systems at little to no cost to the District


  1. Technology Integration Lead Teacher (TILT) Program: a program that enables teachers to learn how technology can transform teaching and learning;

  2. Classroom Technology Integration Study Series: a series of campus study groups who are learning to integrate technology and 21st learning skills into classroom practices;

  3. Digital Citizenship courses: courses designed with the purpose of promoting cyber awareness and education for all San Antonio ISD students;

  4. Campus Web Coordinator (CWC) program: a program designed with the purpose of offering support and training for the individuals maintaining a campus website.

  5. Setup of online professional development for the District, as well as encouraging District staff members to set up their own classroom website and/or learning management system.

  6. Provided direction and oversight of actions to support the Digital Music Production Initiative on four high school campuses, as well as served as liaison for wiring new music rehearsal rooms and music laboratories. Conceptualized the MiniMusic Program to enhance the use of technology in all elementary music classrooms.