“I write to give myself strength. I write to be the characters that I am not. I write to explore all the things I'm afraid of. ” 

― Joss Whedon

Wondering where you can find me online? Well, I have tried to be accessible. Here are a few locations where you can find my work.

In the space below, you will find Miguel Guhlin's collection of online and print publications. It's not a complete list but enough to get an idea.

Blogs and More

With over 100 print publications, over 7,000 online publications in multiple blogs and websites, you will find that the word many use to describe my writing is "Prolific." 

Another Think Coming -

Revisiting old ideas and evidence is even more important today. Often, when you consider the new evidence about an old idea or strongly-held belief, you realize you have "another think coming." The new evidence demands that you re-assess your overarching theory to see if it accounts for the new information. That's the purpose of this new blog, a way to keep track of my biggest corrections in thinking.

This blog also moves away from traditional publishing venues, relying on Micro blog platform, an experiment. All blog entries are written in markdown format rather than a GUI HTML editor. This is a lot of fun. This blog kicked off in March, 2024.

Around the

Writing since Summer, 2005 in an online space, the Around the Corner blog has been one of my top spaces for sharing my thinking. In fact, since I started blogging there, the blog has earned quite a few awards and has served as a treasure trove of learning, most of it my own.

Aside from EdTech Magazine's 2017, 2018 blogs of the year, ATC has been featured in 2019 by the United Kingdom's Digital Learning print/online publication. And, there are 5,500+ blog entries stored at Around the Corner, on a wide range of subjects. This blog is no longer maintained, retiring in February, 2024.

TCEA's TechNotes Blog

In March, 2016, I joined the terrific team of professional development directors at the From early on, it became apparent that blogging enabled me to connect with a global membership. 

Aside from EdTech Magazine's 2017, 2018 blogs of the year (yes, TechNotes enjoyed their attention at the same time ATC did), the TechNotes blog editors have been kind enough to publish my writing. They have done a phenomenal job of editing and approving for publication 720 blog entries. 

TCEA's Techedge magazine (out of print)

For over thirteen years, I wrote for the's print publication, TechEdge. Then after a brief hiatus, I resumed writing for the print publication in March, 2016 (when I joined TCEA as a Director of Professional Development). It's amazing how much I've learned since I wrote my first article for TechEdge back in my late twenties. What a testament to for providing such a fantastic platform for Texas educators to share their learning as it happens.

You can read the archives of my published work online in another part of this portfolio, as well as visit the TechEdge archives. TechEdge, like many other print publications, was retired in 2019. It succumbed to the ubiquity of online publications (e.g. blogs). It had a good run, and great ideas expressed in it live on in our hearts and minds. . .and online.

Assorted Publications

For a period of time, I served as a columnist for several online spaces. You can peruse my writing from online publications such as Education World, School CIO, and Technology & Learning, The School Superintendents Association (AASA). These publications reflect my growing knowledge and awareness of technology management and leadership, capturing some of my most poignant insights into the latter. eSchoolNews re-published a TCEA TechNotes blog entry, "Five Ways to Promote and Share Campus Ed Tech Success," on April 1, 2019. Most recent publication? TASA's Insight on Five Action Steps to Growth Gap Innovation for Spring, 2019.

You know what else has been fun? Being featured in numerous print and online articles, such as this one in ERIC. You know when you end up in ERIC that you've been around the corner and back. And, of course, when others re-publish your work via their website.

Other Places Celebrating Miguel's Writing

Read the rest of the eSchoolNews article below by clicking on the image or find the article at the eSchoolNews website.