CTO Certification & Technical Support Courses

The following are courses I have facilitated or assisted in revising for TCEA's IT/Director Certification course.

IT/Director Certification

PLN for IT/Technology Directors

Learn about important connections, associations, websites, and other administrators you should be aware of and add to your professional learning network in order to be an effective 21st century administrator.

See it online at http://ly.tcea.org/pln

Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to Inform Your work

Identifying and making use of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that are relevant to your department can go a long way in helping you know how effective department work is and where you may need to make adjustments for improvements.

See it online at http://ly.tcea.org/kpi) with blog entry

CyberSafety and Security: Part 1 and Part 2

Cybersecurity and cybersafety threats abound. As a CTO, have you taken the right steps and obtained the knowledge needed to protect the integrity of your district network? In this session, you will have achieve essential understandings for safeguarding your school, your network, staff, and students.

See it online at http://ly.tcea.org/cyber

Project Management Fundamentals

As a technology system admin, coordinator or director, you will need to organize and coordinate large projects that may become quite detailed. This session will introduce you to the fundamentals of organizing such projects while highlighting tips and best practices.

See it online at http://ly.tcea.org/pmf

Social Media in Schools

Social media is here to stay but knowing how it can in impact (positively and negatively) your district is critical as a leader. This session will cover educational trends with social media, legal pitfalls, and strategies to best implement social media in your district.

See it online at http://ly.tcea.org/smis

Building a Technology Vision and Plan

Participants will develop a vision for instructional technology use based on 21st century skills from Tony Wagner. The emphasis will be on ensuring that their vision is based on student learning and not on “stuff.”

See it online at http://ly.tcea.org/btv

Campus Technology Specialist Certification

True Technology Integration (TTI)

Participants will understand what technology integration is, and, more importantly, what it is not. We will examine examples of true technology integration. Each participant will develop their own true technology integration lesson to share.

See it online at http://ly.tcea.org/tti

Digital Coaching

This course focuses on the discussion of coaching and talk about tools for participants to use to support educators as they grow in their journey of using technology effectively.

See it online at http://ly.tcea.org/coaching

Technical Support Endorsement (Proposed)

Visit smaller school districts and you may find a situation that emphasizes high performance. A small team of dedicated technical support staff, all working hard, even overtime, to solve tough problems. For these technology support heroes, professional learning opportunities are on the job or at an infrequent conference. In fact, most learning happens when technicians take the initiative to learn on their own.