TIPP Procedure

Technology & Instruction Purchasing (TIP) Procedure

School District

District Approval, Purchase & Implementation Process

Instructional Programs--including software and educational web sites--are continuously reviewed for instructional use in the District. To ensure alignment with the District Curriculum Goals, as well as verify that electronic solutions work with District infrastructure (e.g. network, computer, account management) and budget processes, the following procedure is being put into place.

    1. Identify District program needs and possible solutions aligned to The District Curriculum Goals, then…
    2. Submit proposal electronically (via Google Form). Components of the form include:
      • Product Title and Vendor Contact Information
      • Deadline for implementation
      • Data needs (e.g. will this product require nightly uploads of student/staff data? If YES, a list of required data or Excel/CSV file from vendor is required)
      • Alignment to the District Curriculum Goals
      • Campus/District Sponsor and his/her contact information
      • Funding available for this solution
      • Budget Code (if available)
    3. Dialogue and Receive Feedback: The Committee will be convened as necessary to review proposals and prepare a response. Approval is contingent on approval from 3 parties: a) Business; b) Curriculum, and c) Technology. Guiding questions:
      • Will this solution align to and/or comply to District Business practices and procurement processes?
      • Is this solution aligned to the District Curriculum Goals?
      • Will this solution work on district infrastructure? Are there copies of software, if client-based, that can be provided to test solution? Note process below.
      • Does this solution support automated data uploads and can data file(s) requirement be met by Student Information System (SIS)?
      • Approval for the purchase of the product will be granted and a purchase order will be generated.

Technology Operations Process

For new web-based or software solutions, Technology Operations staff will verify that proposed solutions work with District equipment and network, then provide a recommendation to the District Review Committee. If the proposed solution requires data files for student and/or staff data, the following procedure is in place:

    1. Prior to meeting of the Review Committee, the Technology Operations Office would clarify data file elements that the vendor needs.
    2. Technology Operations will create a Data Projects Form (view sample) then review that with District Student Information System (SIS) liaison(s) as designated by the Assistant Superintendent of Business, Finance.
    3. In collaboration with Student Information System (SIS) liaison, submit the completed data project request form to regional service center.

District Review Committee Members

    1. Curriculum Team -
      1. Curriculum:
      2. Technology:
    2. Business and Finance -